Reuben Son - Sensual Square (C22)

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A - Briskly Burning (11:00)
B - Sensual Square (11:00)

This second release by Reuben Son for Private Chronology strays from the minimalism and restraint previously exercised. Side A provides a slice of tape-garble sourced largely from a crudely played electric guitar. Side B is something else entirely, an almost melodramatic guitar jaunt incorporating a previously recorded tape piece and locational sounds (floated in from an open window).

Hand-assembled edition of 100 by the artist, with labels scrawled onto painted cassette shells by fingerpick.

" ... Reuben's vision is proving to be one of the more singular amidst these pages ; criminal he's only been able to get out these small-run tapes thusfar ... but then again, we should all be grateful that we're even granted access to his inner sanctum ... Highly Recommended !!!"
    - Keith Fullerton Whitman (Mimaroglu Music Sales)

"... Totally cryptic and totally magnificent .."
    - Brad Rose (Foxy Digitalis)

Private Chronology is a small experimental music label run by Reuben Son. The label is currently in hiberation.

For international orders and other inquiries, email privatechronology a.t.

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