M Mucci - The Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes (C26)

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A.1 - The Calm of Knowing What is Going to Happen
A.2 - The Three Cities
A.3 - Certain Things About This Place
A.4 - Selmun Bay
A.4 - Such Hard Work on the Salt Flats

B.1 - The Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes
B.2 - Careful Near the Opuntia
B.3 - Having to Leave is the Hardest Part
B.4 - Returning is Always the Best

Two new sides of unhurried electric guitar miniatures from Canadian guitarist, Michael Mucci. Here, he presents a more overtly melodic take on the Loren Connors cannon, nicely recorded with an attentive ear towards clarity and incidental grit. A lovely follow-up to his excellent Time Lost LP of last year.

Pro-dubbed and imprinted edition of 100.

Private Chronology is a small experimental music label run by Reuben Son. The label is currently in hiberation.

For international orders and other inquiries, email privatechronology a.t. gmail.com

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