Time Settings

Change the BPM (beats per minute) to modify how fast we advance through the sequence controlled in Music Settings


Note Duration

Music Settings

These settings modify the underlying sequence of notes played as we advance from left to right in the Weaving Swatch below.

Sequence Type

Root Note

Chord Name

Lower Register

Upper Register

Weave Settings

In weaving, warp refers to the vertical lines and warp refers to the horizontal lines, which are woven between the weft. In the swatch below, the warp (vertical) lines represent notes in the note sequence generated by the Music Settings, and the weft (horizontal) lines represent individual voices that play the notes defined by the warp. To simplify the resulting tonality, the weft lines are handles as octaves, such that when more than one is played simultaneously, they alter the timbre of the voicing rather simply, as stacked octaves. This results in a translation of the weaving pattern that would be rather familiar to anyone who has previously used an MPC sequencer.

Warp Count

Weft Count

Pattern Type

Weave X

Weave Y

Weaving Swatch

You can download a MIDI file for your swatch in two formats: