Reuben Son - Glowing Departure (C52)

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Tracklisting :
A - 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, 6-string electric guitar, and cassette tape (26:00)

B.1 - 6-string electric guitar, singing bowl, e-bow, and cassette tape (16:52)
B.2 - 6-string acoustic guitar (9:08)

This debut release features three pieces on guitar from erstwhile Fahey devotee Reuben Son. Two of the pieces herein focus heavily on usage of cassette tape as a physical medium, wrought to interact with the guitar in both the audio and the physical domain. Utilizing fingerpicking and tabletop guitar methodologies alongside variations on Riley's time lag accumulator, Reich's phase-shifting, and Stephen Cornford's For Violin, Viola and Tape, Son creates guitar-based music saturated with drone and decay.

Hand-assembled edition of 200 by the artist, with labels scrawled onto painted cassette shells by fingerpick.

"... it's great to hear this approach coming from someone who's obviously a "player" ; the process-music & minimalism-inspired flourishes, coupled with the embrace of contemporary tape-label sensibilities make this one of the better blind-sidings of recent times. highly recommended !!!"
    - Keith Fullerton Whitman (Mimaroglu Music Sales)

"This tape still floors me. After listening to the twenty-six minute opener for the first time, I had to stop the tape and drive with only road noise."
    - Howard Martin (Foxy Digitalis)

"... How did you not see it or hear it coming? It just fucking appeared and now you're falling to your death. But WOW. It's so gorgeous. It envelops you and rains chaos upon your head. Just you and the deafening water. And it lasts forrrrevvvvverrrrrr ..."
- Justin Snow (Anti-Gravity Bunny)

"The perfect music for a limited cassette release."
    - Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)

Private Chronology is a small experimental music label run by Reuben Son. The label is currently in hiberation.

For international orders and other inquiries, email private-chronology a.t.

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