Xela - My Memories of Gallifrey (C45)

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A.1 - Cloister Bell Blues
A.2 - Jammed Chameleon Circuit
A.3 - Procedure is Sacrosanct
A.4 - Rassilon and On and On
A.5 - The Eye of Dissonance

B.1 - Would You Care for a Jelly Baby?
B.2 - Anti-Matter Polarity Reversal
B.3 - Easy as Pi

After a years-long trilogy on Digitalis Ltd., the man from Type strips away his tape-decayed gradualism and angelic choir-ing, leaving bare a mangled electric corpse. Recorded here at Private Chronology on a jerry-rigged MS-20/MoogerFooger hybrid, and pruned and salted to taste at the Seventh Door. Don't let the 'era-classic' fidelity fool you, this stuff's as meticulously assembled and honed-in as anything he's done. Purportedly a tribute to the BBC's seminal "Dr. Who"; as nightmarish as nostalgia really is.

Pro-dubbed and imprinted edition of 100.


Private Chronology is a small experimental music label run by Reuben Son. The label is currently in hiberation.

For international orders and other inquiries, email private-chronology a.t. gmail.com

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