The North Sea - Last Great November (C40)

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A.1 - City View
A.2 - Pearl

B.1 - Renaissance
B.2 - Keystone Process Revealed
B.3 - Greenwood Remains

A new tape of measured synth divinations by the man from Digitalis Industries. Divorced somewhat from the blackened eruptions of The North Sea's prior releases, the pieces herein offer more than the occasional warm wash of light amidst bleak, grinding oscillations, and with harmonium on the assist, even. A well-paced and balanced mix of auto-oscillations and hand-played keyboardwerk that points the way to an exciting new direction for this project.

Pro-dubbed and imprinted edition of 100.

Private Chronology is a small experimental music label run by Reuben Son. The label is currently in hiberation.

For international orders and other inquiries, email private-chronology a.t.

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