Airports for Music
Cover art for the second edition of Airports for Music
Cover art for the second edition of Airports for Music

Airports for Music is an ongoing collection of compositions that juxtapose location recordings with synthetic sound. While inspired in part by acoustic ecology and site-specific art, these pieces are produced with a looser guiding metaphor, of sound as a fragrance: aerosolized materiality suspended in air, carried gently to the listener’s ears.

Works in this collection have been serially published to Nina Protocol as an experiment with self-publishing alternatives to the existing major streaming platforms. In particular, this project benefits from being able to associate the music with a primary body of text, and can easily include works by other interested contributors.

« These pieces begin with listening-through-recording, in which I sit with a portable recording device for 5-10 minutes in a location that seems well suited to a kind of silence, and I try to listen to everything that I imagine the microphone can hear. At a later point, I return to each of these recordings and compose a piece around them, but leaving each original location recording largely unedited. These pieces exist almost as fragrance, passing clouds of colouration suspended in air. »

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