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Collaborations with artists Eli Keszler and James Hoff have included contributions in software development, live performance, and installation work.

installation view of Echea sculpture
Photo taken during installation of the Echea sculpture

With Eli Keszler, I’ve contributed across a range of roles, ranging from bassoon performance on Cold Pin (2011), Arduino microcontroller programming for installations at gallieries like the MIT List Center (2015), sound design and live spatialization for a performance at The Whitney (2019), and most recently, a mixed media sculpture at Galerie Pepe (2024).

With James Hoff, I produced a standalone piece of software that uses realtime audio analysis to programmatically détourn Google Maps Street View into audio-reactive cinematography reminiscent of Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale.

still image from Hobo UFO
Still image from HOBO UFO (v. Chernobyl)

The resulting project, Hobo UFO, debuted at the London ICA in 2016, and has been presented internationally at galleries and music festivals alike. Many versions of this project were produced from 2016 onwards, culminating in a video published by PAN in 2019.

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