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Frog Chorus

Frog Chorus is an audio-based web application that allows your mobile device or laptop to chirp in a “chorus” of other devices, as if they were a chorus of frogs in the wild.

screen capture of frog chorus app
Screen capture of Frog Chorus

The app uses the built-in speaker and microphone to have devices listen to and interact with each other, generating a dynamic and spatialized work of sound sculpture. Running Frog Chorus on a single device may generate a few peeps, but will not yield a chorus without proximity to other devices running the app. Instead, Frog Chorus requires active participation from a group, and invites users to become listeners and consider what might come from letting machines do all the talking.

This project is dedicated to the memory of the Dutch physicist and sound artist, Felix Hess, whose Electronic Sound Creatures work was a direct inspiration for this project.

On March 20, 2024, a listening event honoring the vernal equinox was presented in conjunction with Fruitful School. On this occasion, thirty participants placed their phones down, and let the phones sing to each other as frogs, as the humans listened in and watched the sun set over the Hudson River.

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