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Travel Vases

photo of a travel vase on a windowsill
My first travel vase (2019), sitting on the windowsill of an apartment rental in Stockholm while I was attending a music studio residency at EMS.

I’ve gotten in the habit of bringing a pocket-size vase with me when I travel, collecting wildflowers as I go. It’s a simple gestures towards making a temporary home within dislocation, a tiny bulwark against the sometimes overwhelming feeling of being away.

Each vase is made on my miniature wheel at home, perched on my kitchen windowsill in fact. They range from about 1.5 to 3 inches in height, and have been produced as small experiments in form and glaze application. As such, each vase is unique and not expected to repeat within the series.

You can also check out a collection of photos from friends and family of these vessels out in the field 🌻 🏺

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